Hostel hook-ups: eight dos and don’ts of love and sex in backpacker accommodation

Posted on 22 April 2016

Hostels - dos and don’ts

Good clean fun… but keep it to yourself, eh?

Hostels can be hormone-packed places – all that freedom, all those new people, all that partying. Things, y’know, happen. So as you head off to backpack around world and have an amazing time, bear in mind you’re heading into a hotbed of hanky panky. We want to make sure you look after yourself. Follow these simple rules to stay safe (and avoid getting on anyone’s nerves).


…use protection. Okay, it’s pretty much a given. But it’s worth mentioning just in case you forgot. When you’re out there in the big wide world, meeting exciting new people and drinking lashings of booze, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment.

…get a room! Great, you’re into each other. But no-one else cares. If you absolutely must go at it, find somewhere with a lock. If you’re feeling super-romantic, you could always hire a private room for one night. EXTRA SUPER-IMPORTANT TIP: Obviously don’t get jiggy in the hostel’s kitchen. Come on. Apart from anything else, major food hygiene issues.

…keep it quiet (if you can). If you’ve hooked up with another hostel guest, the potential for jealousy and all-round uncomfortableness is pretty high. So keep it on the DL until the two of you move on (to other accommodation, that is). Hooked up with someone in the same group of travellers? Sorry, that’s a whole other post.

…wait for everyone else to go out. If you’re trying to be secretive, try the old “I’ll catch you up” when everyone heads out in the evening. They’ll be heading out to party, so they’ll be out for a while and will forget you’re not there as soon as the drinks start flowing. So you and your crush can get some alone time.



…get it on in a tiny dorm. If there are just four people in the room, two of you heaving away isn’t going to make for happy room-mates.

…pinch someone else’s girl/guy. It’s bad form at the best of times, but when you’re in a tight-knit group of travellers sharing a small space, it’s guaranteed to blow up in your face. The world is big, but the backpacker circuit can be surprisingly small – and the last thing you need is OMG DRAMA putting a black cloud over your trip.

…break the rules. Hostels have house rules, and destinations have their own cultural standards. We recommend that you read up on them and stick to them. Being kicked out of your accommodation would a bit of a buzzkill, right? Now imagine that AND run-in with the local police.

…bring randoms into the hostel. Even if it was within the rules (it almost never is) it isn’t fair on other guests.