Where to get great tacos in Mexico City

Posted on 22 April 2016

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Tacos are the lifeblood of Mexico. The cheap three-bite corn tortilla morsels keep the Mexican population going, and as a hungry backpacker you’ll find they keep you going too. If you’re used to the overloaded, fast-foodified versions common to Europe and the US, the real thing might come as a surprise: fillings are generally just an animal part (sorry veggies – Mexico’s a tough gig for you) topped with coriander, onion and salsa. Every region has its own style, but you’ll find them all represented in Mexico City, the beating heart of the taco world. Get yourself into a Mexico City hostel and follow our tips to find taco heaven…

Countrywide classics

  • The humble tacos guisados are filled with a stew, which could be anything from tinga to mole. Guisado stands are everywhere in Mexico City, but try Las Cazuelas in Zona Rosa for some of the best.  
  • Filled with meats cooked on a griddle, campechano tacos are popular throughout Mexico. Visit Los Panchos in Anzures to score the good stuff.  
  • Seafood and fish fill the tacos of the entire coastal region. In the capital, Boca del Rio in San Rafael is known for its seafood tacos.

From the north

  • The north’s tacos a la plancha come stuffed with meat cooked over charcoal, and they too have made their mark on Mexico City. Los Parados in Colonia Roma is a solid choice.  
  • Chilorio tacos come from Sinaloa state, and feature a heavily seasoned pork filling. Try them at Sonora Grill, a restaurant with several locations across the metropolis.

From the central region

  • Barbacoa tacos are made with barbecued lamb, while birria tacos are filled with barbecued goat. El Profe in Mercado Jamaica is known for its awesome barbacoa and locals swear by Birria Santa Bárbara in Anzures for birria.  
  • Mixiote tacos are made using muttonwrapped in maguey leaf and barbecued in a pit. Pay a visit to Tacomix in Colonia Roma for the real deal.  
  • The state of Michoacán gifted the world with carnitas (pulled pork). El Charro in Mercado de Coyoacán is legendary for carnitas tacos.  
  • More adventurous gastronauts should sample cabeza tacos, made from cow head. Discover them at Tacos Lolita in Roma Norte.

Hostels - Tacos from the Central Region


From the south

  • Cochinita pibil tacos, from the Yucatan, are red-coloured suckling pig tacos that you will crave for days. In Mexico City, head to El Turix in Polanco for a fix.  

Mexico City originals

  • Tacos al pastor are a riff on tacos árabes from Puebla. The shawarma meat on a spit with pineapple is the most popular taco in Mexico City. El Huequito in Centro has fifty years of happy customers.  
  • Tacos de canasta, served from a bicycle basket, are sometimes called tacos al vapor, as they steam in the basket when the peddler makes his rounds. Stop a guy on a bicycle or head on over to Los Especiales in Cuauhtémoc to get them.  

From the shanty towns of the capital, suadero tacos are Mexico City originals. Made from cheap beef flank, they have risen from the slums and are eaten by rich and poor alike. For that street-side flavour, try Taqueria Jalisco in Cuauhtémoc.