Student Accommodation in NYC: 5 of the Safest Places to Live for Students

By Jessica Nemire
Posted on 25 August 2021

As one of the most famous cities in the world, New York City is a popular place for students. Boasting more than 100 universities, not only is it a household name with no shortage of colleges, but New York City is also filled with endless activities and top tier sightseeing. These factors make NYC a dream place to attend university for many students.


However, just like with any major city in the United States, some students may have some safety concerns about living in the Big Apple. 


According to the ratings on our website, here are five of the safest student accommodations that are available in the famous New York City.

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1.Seigel Street


Located in the well-known East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn (also known as Bushwick), this property on Seigel Street is within walking distance to many bars, art galleries, and places to shop.

This neighborhood has been considered to be one of the most “hip” neighborhoods in Brooklyn for several years now, and is known to be generally very safe.

This Seigel Street property offers three different types of rooms, beginning at $1,050 per month. Every unit includes gas, electricity, water, and WiFi, and is fully furnished.


If you’d love to live in Brooklyn, and are looking for a safe neighborhood with no shortage of places to eat, drink, and shop, this property on Seigel Street is absolutely worth checking out.


2. WeLive NYC


Ever dreamed of living on Wall Street? Well, now is your chance! Not only is this apartment complex rated one of the safest places for students to live in New York, it’s also on the famous Wall Street, less than 15 minutes away on foot from the Statue of Liberty. 


Located in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, the Wall Street neighborhood is known for its heightened security measures and is therefore considered a safe place to live.

The WeLive NYC apartments are fully furnished, and start at around $2,490 a month (for a studio). The lease on each unit is flexible, and every unit includes a gym, communal kitchen, water, electricity, WiFi, gas, and an entertainment room.


3. FOUND Study Upper East Side


Looking for safe student housing close to the iconic Central Park? Looks like you’ve “found” it! 

Puns aside, this property is less than 15 minutes away from Central Park on foot. It’s also located close to many restaurants and shops, making it an ideal location for students to live.

The neighborhood is known as very safe, and is largely considered an affluent area.

Each unit of the FOUND apartments is fully furnished and includes water, electricity, gas, WiFi, and surveillance cameras to ensure maximum safety.

The units start at $1,500 for a single room with a flexible lease. 


4. Heritage Apartments - Chelsea (308 W 18th St)


Located a 14 minute walk from the well-known Penn Station, these Manhattan apartments are perfect for students who want to easily explore iconic New York locations such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Wall Street.

Additionally, Chelsea’s overall crime rate is below average in terms of most neighborhoods in New York City. Because of this, Chelsea is known as a very safe neighborhood to live in.

Additionally, the Heritage apartment complex is close to many different places to shop and eat, making it a great place for students to live. The units are all fully furnished and include heating, electricity, water, gas, and WiFi.

To ensure maximum safety for all of its residents, the Heritage apartment complex also contains a gate with controlled 24-hour access. 


The lease for both types of units offered at Heritage include flexible move-in and move-out date, and units start at $3,600 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.


5. The Greenpoint House

These stylish apartments are close to Brooklyn’s East River and close to many bars, restaurants and coffee shops. The Greenpoint neighborhood is considered to be generally very safe.

The Greenpoint House units start at $1,445 and are fully furnished with Wifi, gas, water, heating and electricity. 

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Although these five student housing units have been rated as some of the safest on, please keep in mind that there is not a single place in the world that is 100 percent “safe” all the time. If possible, visit the neighborhood before you move to make sure that it’s somewhere that you personally feel safe living.

Once you move in, no matter where you attend university, remember to exercise safety measures, especially when walking around at night.

Make sure you always have a charged phone, know where you are, and know how to get home. Use the “buddy system” - make sure to leave bars and social gatherings as a group whenever possible. Also, remember to trust your gut, and don’t allow yourself to be in any situations that feel unsafe.

When searching for your student accommodation on, you can filter your search to find housing that’s rated the safest, best for nightlife, best for sightseeing, or most affordable. This feature helps you pick the housing that is the best for you according to which deciding factor is the most important for you personally. 


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