Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam - Amsterdam

Maison d'Anne FrankLocated in the Jordaan district near many youth hostels, the home where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis for two years is another must see. In 1960 it became a popular museum which now sees over one million visitors per year.

There is no guided tour, however, a detailed leaflet available in a variety of languages (which may also be available at your youth hostel) is given to you at the entrance.  Completing the full tour takes about an hour and a half and is sure to leave you full of emotion.

The house is open daily from 9am. Closing hours vary by season, during the summer months it can be open until 10pm. If interested in visiting the museum you can ask the receptionist at your youth hostel what time the museum will be closing. Your youth hostel can also provide you with directions to the museum.

The entrance fee is £6 for adults and £3 or children under 18. The I Amsterdam Card is not accepted.