The Charles Bridge - Prague

Prague offers quantities of sites to visit. Apart from its famous castle, there is the Charles Bridge, the oldest and best known of the 14 bridges that cross the Vltava. This bridge is easily recognizable, thanks to the 30 statues that overlook each of its pillars. It connects the historic Old Town and Mala Strana.
You should know that the bridge work is currently expected to last much longer, probably until 2020. This does not prevent access to the bridge but may however interfere with vision.
Another drawback, not the least, is that it’s very popular. At certain hours, you will not find only painters, musicians and vendors: it is almost impossible to move forward as it is crowded with tourists! And of course, who says tourists says pickpockets! Watch your wallet and your camera when you walk on that bridge …
To learn more about the history of Charles Bridge, there is a museum open to the public since 2007 with exhibits. Admission is 6.50 euros.