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Amsterdam de nuit

Daytime activities are not lacking in Amsterdam, but nightlife has no shortage of charm either. You may already know that enjoying the nightlife is a must.  Go to your hostel late in the afternoon to nap if necessary, but enjoy the nightlife of Amsterdam!

If you like dancing, nightclubs are numerous and reputable. They are concentrated in the neighbourhoods of Rembrandtplein and the Leidseplein, but also exist in other parts of the city.

To eat, you will find a wide choice of restaurants serving foods from all countries. In addition, you can eat quite for cheap in Amsterdam too.  There is a wide variety of outlets, street vendors and bars serving snacks that will cost you less than 5 €.

Nightlife can be expensive in the tourist areas, like always. You can find a big price difference for the same glass of Heineken depending where you go. The tourist areas of Dam Square, Red Light District, Damrak Street in front of Central Station, Rembrandtplein or Leidseplein offer many choices of bars and restaurants. So go ahead with moderation! You will likely meet many groups of students that come to party in Amsterdam for the week-end.

Is it useful to note that if you’re not fond of alcohol and prefer cannabis, Amsterdam is THE place where you need to spend your holiday. Here, it is legal to buy marijuana for your own consumption. The so-called coffeeshops, where you find it, are numerous and prosperous in the old city, between Central Station and Damsquare.

The Vondelpark is a 47 hectares urban park located west of the Leidseplein, which houses an outdoor stage where all kinds of theatre and music performances are shown throughout the summer.

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