Hostels in Quebec City

Quebec City by Sue Byford

Quebec City by Sue Byford

Capital of the Canadian province that bears his name, Quebec is a city whose charm is matched only by its beautiful landscape. Taking its name from the Algonquin language, Quebec means “where the river narrows”, which of course refers to the majestic St. Lawrence River on whose banks the city is built.

This beautiful city, which was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, brings us back into the eventful past of this colony which was initially called “Nouvelle-France” and which remains today the cradle of the French language in North America. The only walled city north of Mexico, Quebec City will delight you with its historic buildings, some of which have been converted into hostels, as well as its vast green spaces.

Quebec City has about 508,000 inhabitants spread over six districts. The main language is French and currency is the Canadian dollar. Regarding gastronomy, one can find restaurants for all tastes, which are usually open all day and into the evening. Whether you want to enjoy a 5-course meal or just have a quick lunch, you will find a place that easily match your tastes and your budget. Some hostels even offer meals, ask your hosts!

Quebec City is often referred to as a “village”. However, it is anyway large enough that you will need a mean of transportation to get from one place to another.

Quebec City  has a very effective network of public transport (Réseau de Transport de la Capitale). More than 500 buses are serving the area, making it the second largest network of public transport in the province. For those who prefer taking a cab, several companies are available who will gladly take you directly to the door of your hostel and take you to your destination.

It is also relatively easy to travel by car in Quebec City. The road signs are clear and traffic jams are relatively rare.