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Eating in Berlin restaurants

Eating in Berlin will not cost you dearly. The tourist areas are of course more expensive, such as Unter den Linden in Mitte, but there are other neighbourhoods where to eat cheap. Mitte is also the area to avoid if you’re in a little on the tight budget side.
Berlin offers various kinds of cuisines, with strong influences from the Middle East and Asia. Do not miss a stroll through the outdoor markets of Berlin!
A must-do that you will certainly appreciate is the traditional of brunch in Berlin. You will find that you end eating way more salty things than sweet, like the traditional fruit juice-brioche or the more substantial combination of meats and cheeses. The German sausage is deemed wieners fans delight. A special from Berlin, the “curry wurst” sausage curry is very tasty and is found in many restaurants including outdoor stalls.  The most famous curry wurst is served at the Strasse Eberswalder train station, the U2. The meats are usually accompanied by cabbage and potatoes.

A drink in Berlin

Berlin is a city vibrant and trendy, and places to go for a drink or dancing are abundant.
That part of town that offers the greatest choice in bars is probably Oranienburgerstrasse in East Berlin, and there is also the district of Prenzlauer Berg. For beer lovers, you must taste the Berlin specialty Berliner Weisse. It is a bitter wheat beer, fermented in the bottle. In the summer, you must also try the “Weisse mit Schuss” (from wheat with a dose of raspberry syrup), very refreshing!

You do not like alcohol? There are still things to do in Berlin. For example, visit one of the three operas in the city, or the 130 cinemas and theaters. Also, remember that the famous film festival in Berlin, Berlinale, takes place annually in February.

Go dancing in Berlin

If you plan to go dancing after taking a drink, do not hurry – they do not start until one o’clock in the morning!

Hostel - Our suggestions for Berlin


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