Hostel – Nightlife in Florence

The Italian culinary reputation is second to none, one eats very well in Italy in general, but Florence in particular. The Tuscan olive oil scents all your meals! Prices vary, but like everywhere, avoid areas of high tourism and favour pizzerias and trattorias where you want to limit your spending. Another option if your budget is tight, enjoy happy hours offered mostly in bars or wine shops, where for the price of a glass of Chianti, for example can offer you all sorts of snacks to nibble.

Apart from Italian cuisine, the choice of international cuisine is relatively limited.

The neighbourhoods where you can find the best food for a reasonable price are: Santa Croce, Piazza Santo Spirito and around Santa Maria Novella.

Nightlife drinks

Florence is a university town where you can go out late. Costs vary depending on the neighbourhood that we choose, but in general, a glass of wine will cost no more than 5 Euros. As is often the case in Florence, sitting on the bar and restaurant patio will cost a little more than inside, but it is difficult to deny yourself of the pleasure of doing it one sweet summer evening.

Most bars are located on the side of Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza della Signoria. Oltrarno, in the south of the city, is where you go out to dance until the wee hours of the morning.

If you do not want to drink, an evening stroll in the streets of the city will show you the charms of Florence from a different angle, very romantic.