Hostel – Nightlife in Prague

A common question that many visitors on a budget ask is: Is it expensive to go out at night in Prague? The answer is mixed. If you do not pay attention to the small details, your spending can escalate very quickly and become indeed expensive.  Beer is offered at a price that varies greatly from one bar to another. It suffices to choose the right neighbourhood to reap a good price. Do not go for a drink in the old city, for example, despite the number of bars that line the main square.
Music lovers will not be disappointed. Prague has a strong musical tradition and street performers are not uncommon. In addition, there are several theatres to see shows, at varying prices, including the theatre Laterna Magika (Narodini 4, Nove Mesto), originally the name of a 1958 show in Brussels, and the Prague National theatre since the 1970s.

Even if you decide to eat out in the most touristy area, you will still find good restaurants for a fair price. Of course, there are many expensive restaurants, but generally, one can eat well for a good price in Prague.
The best areas to eat are in the corner of Josefov, north of the old city area. You will find everything in this neighbourhood, from local dishes to fusion cuisine. There is of course the traditional cuisine. The traditional dishes of the Czech Republic are mainly meat – pork is present in all sorts of variations. There are also many dishes breaded.