Average Rating Great
Atmosphere 8.4
Staff 8.7
Location 8.7
Cleanliness 8.5
Facilities 8.5
Safety 8.4
Value 8.5

Lisbon - Alface Hostel

Rua do Norte N 98 1E, Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal, 1200-287

Hostel overview

Alface Hostel is clean, cosy and friendly .
The best location in Lisbon


Best Night life and all major attractions all close by

Rossio Bairro Alto
25 de Abril Bridge (3.85 Km) Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha (0.94 Km) Cristo-Rei (4.51 Km) National Museum of Ancient Art (1.83 Km) Praça do Comércio (0.88 Km) Sé de Lisboa (0.99 Km) Chiado (0.30 Km) Santa Justa Lift (0.38 Km)

Info & Price

Arrival date: 12 April 2019
Number of nights: 1
Departure date: 13 April 2019
  • Check-in time
    Available 24 hours
  • Check-out time
    Available 24 hours

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