Average Rating Great
Atmosphere 8.0
Staff 7.5
Location 7.5
Cleanliness 9.0
Facilities 8.0
Safety 8.5
Value 8.5

Luís Correia - Hostel Betus Atalaia

Av Teresina 3670, Luís Correia, Piaui, Brazil, 64220000


Hostel overview

Our Hostel Betus Atalaia or Beach House is located at Praia de Atalaia in front of the beach. We are happy to receive guests from all over Brazil and the world.

Info & Price

Arrival date: 29 April 2019
Number of nights: 2
Departure date: 1 May 2019

There is a bar and a bbq area at our hostel where you can make new friends and enjoy the view of the beautiful beach across the street.

  • Social and Fun areas
  • Restaurant(s) on site
  • Outside area / patio
  • Check-in time
    Available 24 hours
  • Check-out time
    Hours when check-out is available:
    • Days: Every day
    • Start: 7:00 AM
    • End: 12:00 AM (Midnight)
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Luggage in storage before check-in
  • Minimum age to check-in: 18 years old

Minimum age to check-in: 18 years old

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