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Atmosphere 9.0
Staff 9.0
Location 9.0
Cleanliness 8.0
Facilities 8.0
Safety 8.0
Value 9.5

Cusco - Ukumari Hostel

Calle Fierro #442, Cusco, Cusco, Peru, 08002 - Show map


Hostel overview

Ukumari Hostel is just 08 minutes from the main square of Cusco, and 05 minutes from the typical San Pedro market. Ukumari Hostel offers special rates for guests with more than 3 nights stay, we also offer special rates for groups.


10 minutes walk to Plaza de Armas
Typical market of san pedro 5 minutes walking
We offer tourist information, the best prices and safe travels, true information.

  • Free Blanket
  • Free Internet / wi-fi
  • Free Secure lockers
  • Free Linen
  • Free Towel
  • Free Luggage / storage room
Barrio Gòtico Ciudad Vieja

Info & Price

UKUMARI HOSTEL helps you to organize your trip in the best way and to have a pleasant vacation.

  • Common area / room
  • Outside area / patio
  • Free Blanket
  • Power sockets
  • Check-in time
    Hours when check-in is available:
    • Days: Every day
    • Start: 12:00 PM (Noon)
    • End: 4:00 AM
  • Check-out time
    Hours when check-out is available:
    • Days: Every day
    • Start: 10:00 AM
    • End: 10:15 AM
  • Reception time
    Available 24 hours
    Hours when reception is available:
    • Days: Every day
    • Start: 12:00 AM (Midnight)
    • End: 12:00 AM (Midnight)

Our passion to meet new people with new customs was increasing, it was there where we made the decision to share our home with every visitor who arrives in Cusco-Peru and make you feel like a member of our family.

For bookings of 15 guests or less:
Front desk:
Minimum age of at least 1 person to check in at the front desk: 18 years old

All ages are accepted

Private rooms:
All ages are accepted

Payment type accepted: Cash

Our confirmation emails can be used as proofs of travel for a consulate.
Multiple names can be entered in the confirmation emails.

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