How to Find Cheap Student Accommodation in the U.K.

By Jessica Nemire
Posted on 25 August 2021

Whether it’s your first year at uni or you’re a returning student, finding cheap student accommodation in the U.K. can be difficult. We put together this guide of top tips to help you! When searching for cheap student accommodation in the U.K., here are the six things you should do:

Book as early as you can

Be strategic about when you select your accommodation and the dates you’re booking for. There can be some good deals on student accommodation when you book early. There are sometimes also incentives on booking, such as cashback offers and other deals.

If possible, book as a group

If you have other mates who are looking for accommodation, coordinate so you can book your accommodation together. There are usually group discounts on offers for students who book either as a group or as a pair.

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Refer a mate 

Many properties will offer you a referral bonus for each student you recommend to the property. This referral bonus can range from £50 to £500, depending on your location and the property.

Live with others

Of course, sharing your student accommodation with other students will help you all keep prices down. Sharing housing costs, utilities, a flat or even a room with flatmates will help you all get a good deal.

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Think critically about your timing

Before you book your accommodation, check how long you will need to stay there. For example, shorter stays are more expensive compared to a stay that lasts the whole term, but there are usually different options available. Make sure to consider your schedule when you are booking. If you're heading home straight after you finish your exams, do you need to pay for the extra time when you're not there? 

Compare properties

There are many different options for accommodation, so shop around on a few to make sure you are getting the best deal. You can do this by using a marketplace like to see all the different properties available to you.

Simply enter your city on the search bar on the first page as well as the dates you’ll be needing housing. Use the buttons at the top of the page to filter all the properties by price, best for nightlife, best for sightseeing, safest, and many other categories!

Start looking for cheap student accommodation in the U.K.!