5 Budget Trips Around the U.K. Perfect for a Autumn Break

Because of the many COVID-19 travel restrictions in place for travelers from the U.K., going on holiday this autumn may seem impossible. However, you don’t have to leave the U.K. in order to enjoy an autumn break - and you don’t have to break the bank, either. Read below for our list of top 5 places in the U.K. that are perfect for an autumn holiday - whilst staying within budget. 1. Visit Wonderland in Llandudno, North Wales The coastal town of Llandudno in North Wales is a great place for holidaymakers who want to enjoy an autumn break close to the sea. Visitors to Llandudno can explore the longest pier in Wales as well as take any number ofAlice in Wonderland-inspired walk ...

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Backpacker jobs: ideas for making money on the road

Good, honest work… Even when you’re staying in cheap hostels to keep your costs down, there’ll be times when money gets tight. How can you make enough cash to keep up your travel? Nobody wants to go to the Bank of Mum And Dad too often, and travel writing and photography – the dream careers for many travellers – can be brutally tough to make money from if you don’t already have a reputation or a few good contacts. Thankfully, those aren’t the only two options. While the bloggers who’ve ‘made it’ have a high media profile, the reality is that most travellers earn a buck through fairly ordinary jobs. The work may not always be glamorous, but it’ll expose you to new people and another side of life in your chosen destination ...

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12 MAY
Hostels - Heathrow Terminal 5

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How to airport like a pro

What stands between you and fun If your hostelling adventure isn’t going to involve airports, well… lucky you. They’re travel’s ultimate necessary evil, and with a few exceptions – Munich, maybe? – there really isn’t much of an upside to being in one. It’s all about keeping those stress levels down, getting through as quickly as possible, and getting out and hostel-bound at the other end.   Cabin, not hold If you can ...

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17 OCT
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5 of the Absolute Best Hostels in London, According to Our Site

We recently told you about 5 budget trips you can take around the U.K. this autumn. Our list didn’t include one of the most popular destinations in the U.K. - London! Although not hailed as a budget destination, London has many hostels that can be a great affordable place to stay while allowing you to meet fellow travelers. We put together a list of the 5 highest rated London hostels on our site in order to help you plan your trip to London. Read on! 1. St Christopher's Inn, Liverpool StreetRated 9 ...

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14 OCT
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6 Affordable European Holidays Backpackers Can Take from London this Autumn

We recently told you about budget vacations you can take around the U.K. this autumn. Hoping to leave the U.K., but still on a budget? We may have a solution for you. We did a little research on the cheapest flights from London in the next couple of months and paired them with some of our best hostel deals in those areas in order to help you plan your budget backpacking journey. Read on to find our top 6 suggestions for a budget holiday this autumn! 1. Budapes ...

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23 NOV
Hostels - Manchester
‘Done’ London and Edinburgh? These are your new favourite British cities

When you’ve planning a backpacking trip around Britain, it’s easy to focus on the big two: London and Edinburgh. And why wouldn’t you? They’re both amazing places packed with culture, nightlife and super-cheap hostels. But smart backpackers know you can’t get a handle on a country from its capital alone. One of travel’s great pleasures is discovering regional cities – those often-overlooked places that mix big-city buzz with distinctive vibes and compact ...

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22 JAN
Hostels - Breweries in breweries
4 local breweries to visit when you’re in Melbourne

  Like America, Australia has traditionally been the butt of the rest of the world’s jokes when it comes to beer. The long-standing (and unfair) stereotype sees Aussie beer culture as a bunch of guys swilling lager from ‘stubbies’ - and the beer they’re drinking is probably Victoria Bitter, brewed in Melbourne since the mid-19th century. Thankfully, beer drinkers have wised up. Just as we’ve learned that there’s more to the US scene than Bud and Coors ...

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17 JAN
Hostels - Auckland, New Zealand
5 of the world’s best towns for outdoor activities

Every backpacker has their own reason for hitting the road, but for many, adventure and activities are a big part of the mix. If you think that means basing yourself out in the wild, think again: there are loads of cities around the world that have outdoor adventure right on the doorstep, allowing you to stay in a buzzing city-centre hostel and still get your adrenaline fix. What’s more, a cheap dorm space means you spend less on accommodation ...

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13 JAN
Hostels - Keychains

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4 great souvenir ideas for a backpacking trip

Picking up souvenirs while backpacking is half the fun, right? Rooting around off the beaten track often turns up some proper little must-haves that will get friends talking when you get home. There’s a slight hitch, though: clearly, when you’re backpacking, there’s not a whole of room to cram in souvenirs. And on top of that, money’s often tight. So it helps to set a few ground rules before you go shopping. First, keep it small. That one’s obvious. Second ...

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19 OCT
Hostels - First Aid Kit
Health basics: first aid essentials to pack for your backpacking trip

  While it’s good to be prepared, you can go overboard with your travel meds pack - some backpackers rock up to their hostel with a whole pharmacy in tow, including nice-to-have but non-essential items like vitamin tablets and cough lozenges. We think the six items below are the foundation of a travel first aid kit, obviously supplemented by any regular medicines you’ve been prescribed and any destination-specific items you need, such as antimalarials and altitude sickness pills ...

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19 OCT
Hostels - Thailand
Newbie tip: 4 destinations that are great for finding travel companions

If you’re heading out on a solo backpacking trip, meeting travelling companions is probably going to be high on your agenda. As we’ve said here many times, companions are indispensable when you’re on a long hostelling trip: they offer fun, support, and ideas about what to do and where to go next. They don’t have to become BFFs, but they often do. When it comes to actually finding like-minded travellers, not all backpacker destinations are created equal. Sure ...

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19 OCT
Hostels - Good night's sleep in a Hostel
How to get a good night’s sleep in a hostel

Sharing a dorm in a city centre hostel? Here’s how to make sure you get some solid rest whatever your fellow backpackers get up to… 1. Get a private (or nearly private) room Pretty obviously, private rooms give you a touch more control over noise, lighting and so on - though unless you’ve managed to find a hostel with soundproof walls, you’ll still be able to hear what’s going on outside. Going private is less expensive than you might think ...

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