Hostel – Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelona is a lively city, you can find all sorts of bars in all areas of the city including Las Ramblas, one of the most scenic tourist spots.

Drinks in Barcelona are relatively cheap, especially compared to cities like Paris or London. Generally, a beer costs about 2 or 3 euros.

The nightlife does not start until 11pm, so if you’re tired of your daytime walking, follow the Spanish example: take a nap or siesta before going out!

Eating in Barcelona
It’s impossible not to include tapas when it comes to dining in Barcelona. It is a great idea to share these small dishes of all kinds, not to mention the olives, nuts and other small things to nibble on with a good cold beer or glass of wine.

There is no particular neighborhood where the restaurants are best, but we can recommend for example the district of Sant Antoni northwest of Las Ramblas and the district El Born.

Aside from tapas, there are all kinds of cuisines in Barcelona: Thai, Chinese, Italian, and others.

The local cuisine is so rich that it is well worth exploring.

Hostel - Our suggestions for Barcelona


La Plata Bar in Barcelona

Gastronomy in Barcelona obviously extends beyond the tapas bars, but it goes without saying that this remains the ideal formula for eating well without breaking the bank! Here's another tapas bar that is a must for Barcelona: La Plata. This is a

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La Sagrada Familia

Another work of Antonio Gaudi, unfortunately incomplete, but still quite impressive. Whether one likes his style or not, it's hard not to be awed by the work done by the famous Catalan architect. Since Gaudi's death in 1926, work has continued

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Guell Park

Sumptuous mosaics adorn the Guell Park in many places. One of the best known is the salamander found near the entrance. At the top, from the terrace you have a beautiful view over the city and its various monuments. The park

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Mercat de la Boqueria

This market whose origins date back to the XIII century is a must in Barcelona. This is the biggest market of Spain, which offers the most variety in products, and which is of course the most popular among tourists. Some

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Can Paixano

For an unforgettable and a purely barcelonian experience , spend an evening at Can Paixano. For over 40 years this bar has been offering tapas, atmosphere and "champagne" at reasonable prices to spice up the nights out. The glass

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