Hostel – Nighlife in Dublin

You probably can imagine, going out in Dublin is not a problem, there are hundreds of bars!

Finding a pub for a drink in Dublin is certainly not difficult, but we know that  Dublin could be expensive. For example, a beer usually costs € 4-5. However, prices have declined in recent years following the ban on smoking in bars, bar owners seeking at all costs to fill again their Etablissements.

If you are looking for the traditional pub with Celtic music and beer with a little stew, you’ll have a lot of choices, but remember that in most cases you will be surrounded by tourists, not locals.

As far as nightclubs, there are still plenty to choose from, but watch the way you dress, the Irish are pretty strict about the “dress code”. No sneakers, therefore, make a good effeort to dress if you want to avoid being turned away at the door.

If unfortunately for you you do not like beer and looking for activities unrelated to alcohol, do not worry. There are many cinemas, and elsewhere Dubliners are known to be among the biggest fans of the big screen. Theaters are also popular, you can see a play or for 10-25 euros.
Moviegoers will be spoiled to the  Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace Street Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

The Temple Bar area south of the Liffey riviève offers the largest concentration of restaurants, which of course means there is also the largest concentration of tourists in this area, so not too many cheap restaurants.

St George is a good alternative, with a lot of restaurants not too expensive.

If you tired of the traditional Irish meal  and looking for international cuisine, you will not be disappointed in Dublin. Indian restaurants, Thai, Asian in general, areeveruwhere. There are also plenty of Italian restaurants around Chatham St toward St Graffton, offering meals around 10 euros.

Helpful hints to stay on budget:  eat by 7:30 pm to enjoy the “early-bird” menu, cheaper than the normal menu.