IQ Elliott House

Student accommodation - 1.40km from city center
About the place
Elliott House offers high-quality student accommodation in an attractive Edinburgh location, with ea add_box
Social and fun

Regular social events are organized by the onsite team here at Elliott House where you can enjoy a host of facilities.
Enjoy beautifully designed social spaces with a comfortable study area and a spacious living area. It has a fully equipped gym open for all residents. The property is also equipped with a cinema room and a cozy, pleasant lounge for you to relax or meet new friends.

Cancellation policy
No Visa No Pay
Your booking can be cancelled for free if the Visa application has been denied.
No Place No Pay
A booking can be cancelled for free if you have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your university of choice.
Additional Information

Dorms reserve the right to cancel your booking on notice if you notify us after the Deadline that you have decided not to enter into the Tenancy Agreement. We take all reasonable steps to enter into the Tenancy Agreement before the Deadline and you fail to do so, example, if you fail to complete your application or provide guarantor details and supporting documentation on time. You provide us with relevant false or misleading information and/or we are prohibited from entering the Tenancy Agreement because of the Immigration Act 2014 (person disqualified by immigration status). From the date of cancellation, you will not be liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Tenancy Agreement, irrespective of whether you have signed it.

If you entered into the Tenancy Agreement and you wish to cancel your booking, you remain liable for the contractual obligations set in the Tenancy Agreement and you may not cancel the booking unless you can provide proof that fit any of these criteria: 1) You notify us of your intention to cancel your booking prior to 1 August or, if your Tenancy Start Date (defined in your Tenancy Agreement) is in any month other than September, 28 days before your Tenancy Start Date. 2) You notify us of your intention to cancel within 7 days of payment of your Booking Fee and you have not collected your keys. 3) Your UK Visa application has been denied. 4) You have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your first University of choice.

We may also terminate your Tenancy Agreement for any of the reasons set out above, as set out in more detail in clause 2.4 of the Tenancy Agreement itself. If you enter into the Tenancy Agreement, and you then fail to collect your key within 5 weeks of your Tenancy Start Date, we reserve the right to (a) cancel your Booking and terminate the Tenancy Agreement and (b) re-let your room. In these circumstances, any rent paid by you (including any Booking Fee allocated to the first payment of rent) will not be refunded to cover any losses incurred by us for empty unlet rooms. This provision takes precedence over any provisions in the Tenancy Agreement.

Should you fail to gain the required qualifications and not be accepted into the University you stated as your first choice, you may cancel your Tenancy Agreement and we will refund any Booking Fee and any rent payments made so long as you provide the following information within the timescales mentioned below: Written confirmation from you that you wish to cancel your reservation due to having failed to obtain the required grades for your first choice University; and Supporting evidence from the University or UCAS. This information must be provided to us within 72 hours of your exam results being published to be eligible for a Booking Fee refund (if you have paid a Booking Fee) or else any Booking Fee will be retained as a cancellation fee

Student housing
Student fees
Booking Fee
£0.00 per person
Fee is payable at start of the lease
Available Rooms
2 Guests
Elliot House is located in the city center of Edinburgh. You will enjoy the Edinburgh Festival and F add_box

Address: iQ Elliott House, 8-10 Hillside Cres, EH7 5EA, Edinburgh, Scotland
Waverley railway station
Easter Road

Stunning cityscapes, beautiful parks and year-round culture make Edinburgh a special place to study. You will find the best student accommodation in this incredible capital through Elliott House!

Elliot House is covered by CCTV and has onsite security staff, with staff present 24 hours a day. There is also a digital entry system at each building. You should not allow people to ‘tailgate’ – that is, hold the door open for people behind you as you enter.

The safety and security of our residents are our number one priority. All of our sites are fully compliant with current safety standards. Our accommodation has fire alarm systems in place as well as fire prevention equipment, and we carry out regular testing and evacuation drills. Our buildings are also regularly audited by external, independent consultants.

Check-in details
Available 24 hours
Check-out details
Available 24 hours

American Express
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Minimum age
Minimum age of at least 1 person to check in at the front desk: 18
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