6 Affordable European Holidays Backpackers Can Take from London this Autumn

By Jessica Nemire
Posted on 14 October 2021

We recently told you about budget vacations you can take around the U.K. this autumn. Hoping to leave the U.K., but still on a budget? We may have a solution for you. We did a little research on the cheapest flights from London in the next couple of months and paired them with some of our best hostel deals in those areas in order to help you plan your budget backpacking journey. Read on to find our top 6 suggestions for a budget holiday this autumn!

1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a highly walkable city perfect for a backpacker on a budget. There are a plethora of free and cheap activities available. Take a free walking tour, check out the Great Market Hall, and visit Deák Square, or visit the Holy Trinity Square.

The popular flight aggregator Skyscanner shows nonstop flights from London to Budapest for as low as £13. Because of its cool ruin bars, cheap beers, and lots of bar crawls, Budapest is a popular destination among backpackers. You’re likely to find lots of fun fellow travelers to spend time with at your hostel! You can find a hostel in Budapest for as low as £6 per person per night!

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2. Naples, Italy

Craving a piece of pizza and can’t wait to get stuffed from struffoli? With flight prices as low as £14 on Skyscanner, it’s almost silly not to go to Naples for a holiday this autumn!Visit Christmas Alley (Via San Gregorio Armeno), hike up Mount Vesuvius, or stroll along Lungomare and take in the sea views.Hostels in Naples are priced starting from £6 per guest per evening, so it should be easy to find a buddy to join you for your budget backpack holiday.

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3. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is well-known for its nightlife and backpacker culture, and flights are only £16! Take a walk in Planty Park or explore the Krakow Market Square, also known as Rynek Główny - the biggest medieval market square in Europe! 

Or you can stay in a hostel in Krakow for as cheap as £5 per person for each night and meet some new mates to go on one of Krakow’s famous bar crawls with you.

4. Porto, Portugal

If you’re a fan of port wine or gazing at the sea, Porto, Portugal may be the perfect choice for your autumn break destination! Sure, it may only be 16°C in the autumn, but it’s certainly warmer than in London! 

You can catch a nonstop flight from London to Porto starting at £18, and find a hostel for as low as £9 per person per night.

5. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is packed with free sights and attractions, making it a very backpacker-friendly destination for your autumn break. Check out Lions’ Bridge and Eagles’ Bridge, visit Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevski, take a free walking tour, or relax in one of the city’s many parks.You can take a nonstop flight from london to sofia for as low as £18, and stay in a hostel for just £5 per person per night!

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6. Prague, Czech Republic

With nonstop flights from London to Prague for as low as £18, it’s very tempting to Czech it out! Walk along the Vltava River, visit the iconic John Lennon Wall, or take a stroll in Kinsky Garden. Stay in any of Prague’s many hostels for a low as £5 per person per night to make new mates to explore and party with!

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