Hong Kong: four of the best neighbourhoods

Posted on 29 March 2016

Hostels - Skyscrapers


This culinary capital is famous for its stylish skyscrapers, bustling markets and brilliant food. But where's the best place to stay? It all depends on what you’re looking for…

Best for shopping: Causeway Bay

Shopaholics should book a bed at a hostel located within this retail paradise, jam-packed with shopping malls, boutiques, department stores and market stalls, which sell everything from shoes to electronics, home accessories to computers. Street markets, such as Jardine's Crescent, provide ample opportunities for bargain hunting, so be prepared to haggle. Got cash to splash? Flex your credit card at high-end boutiques in Lee Gardens One & Two, Hysan Place, Lee Theatre, Times Square and Fashion Walk. Just remember to leave plenty of space in your luggage for your purchases.  

Best for great views: Tsim Sha Tsui

Stay in the neon-lit Tsim Sha Tsui to enjoy eye-popping views of Victoria Bay, the largest harbour in China, which bustles with ferries, cruise liners and wooden fishing boats. Prepare to be dazzled by the twinkling lights from the skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Pensinsula that frame the harbour. At 8pm every night, watch the world's largest sound-and-light show, the Symphony of Lights, from the waterfront promenade.

Best for relaxing: Prince Edward

Soak up the colours and smells of exotic blooms at Hong Kong's famous Flower Market, an oasis of calm near Prince Edward Station, where hawkers sell bonsai trees, bamboo, roses, seeds, bulbs and plants promising good fortune. Visit in the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year, when these so-called lucky plants will be in abundance. The nearby Bird Garden is another visual feast, where stalls sell exotic birds, bamboo cages and huge grasshoppers with which to feed the birds. Keep your eyes peeled for elderly men feeding caterpillars to their birds with chopsticks.

Best for eating out: Nathan Road

Hyped by those in the know as Asia's foodie capital, Hong Kong has a huge number of restaurants serving up mind-boggling dishes that vary from snake soup to whole suckling pig. Nathan Road is a well-known gourmet street, lined with cheap eats and fine dining restaurants. Hong Kong is the best place in the world for dim sum; the fancy dumplings can be enjoyed everywhere from old-school teahouses to Michelin-starred restaurants. Top picks include Sun Tung Lok (132 Nathan Rd), where delights like shark's fin soup and sea cucumber can be found on the menu. As well as long-established Chinese restaurants, Nathan Road homes a slew of curry houses and African dining spots.